The Aborigines Advancement League was founded in 1957 by Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls, Gordon Bryant, Stan Davey and Doris Blackburn.

The league was developed for the purpose of fundraising, welfare work and embracing empowerment through opportunity and education. 

The Aborigines Advancement League holds a special place in the Aboriginal community, built on providing a space that allows community to come together, interact and grow. Our facility in Thornbury sits upon a large block of prime real estate on St George’s road and has been developed for multiple uses.

We have great aspirations for this facility and are working on developing a future that will be prosperous and sustainable. 


Our home ground Sir Doug Nicholls Oval is located at the Aborigines Advancement League in Thornbury sitting proudly on the border of St George’s Road and Watt Street. 

The Stars have made this ground their home since being re-instated in 2008 and have great aspirations for the location and its surrounding possibilities.

The Fitzroy Stars board have recently commissioned upgrades to the training rooms and facilities, grandstand and scoreboard as development of the venue continues to undergo revitalisation.