In the 1970's, Indigenous Australia was getting politically organised, a football team came into existence as a preventative health program of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service.

This team was called the Fitzroy Stars... 

The Stars were a force to be reckoned with on and off the field, winning five premierships over 15 years and providing a well needed hub for community at the same time. 

After claiming the club’s fifth premiership in 1986, the league folded and the Stars had no one to play against. 

The club spent years in limbo before a resurrection led by past player Alan Brown and a revival committee campaigned to get the team into the Northern Football League in 2007. 

The committee pleaded that the community were desperately calling out for the return of a safe space where families and friends could come together over to celebrate football and each other. 

The Stars were awarded re-entry into the fold and the community rallied around the opportunity to come together, look after each other and to play football. 


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